Saturday, February 5, 2011

Invest In Your Friends

Since Cataclysm i have been using a specific friend of mine to cut gems that i dont have the cuts for. I always have her link her stuff and i always have her cut a large amount. I make sure that when it's time to by a pattern for myself that its not one that she has. This enables me to spread my market out further, invest into more ore to prospect, and make more gold. After a while of doing this without ever tipping, i really started to feel like i was taking advantage of someones kindness. She has made me so much gold that i wouldn't have had until i could get the cuts myself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JMTC Carnival: How to Make Gold With Minimal Playtime

When I'm not raiding in WoW i am generally trying to make gold. Each day i can normally dedicate 3 hours give or take to making gold and most days i make around 10k.

To start the easy gold making process you first need to access what you have in your arsenal. I've recently posted a few guides that breaks the professions down into exactly what you have to do. After you have determined what you have to work with you should make a list or mental note of what you are going to make and sell every day. Making a physical list would be better because you can then list out the materials you need all together. Doing this will enable you to buy all on one toon and send the mats off to whichever is crafting the items. If you dont have a lot of time try to stick to things that dont require barking like mysterious fortune cards. You are going to want to focus on hot items that arent too infested with undercutters.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enchanting Gold Guide: Disenchanting

This one was tough to write about as a solo profession because most items in Cata aren't posted for very cheap yet. Also if you haven't noticed Auctioneer hasn't released a version that supports searching for items that require levels higher than 450. You are able to download a beta version manually at

If you arent going to use auctioneer to find items to disenchant you can do the old fashion search. The fastest way to look for highers items is looking for the JC rings/necklaces. Many people craft these to level their JC but have no use for them afterward. Instead of vendoring them they try to squeeze out a little gold on the  auction house. When Cata rings are made they gain random stats and name, but they still have the same disenchant percentages. For example Jasper Ring of Awesomeness and Jasper Ring of Suckiness are both 1-3 Hypnotic Dust and 1-3 Lesser Celestial Essence. Note: these aren't real ring names.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blacksmithing Gold Guide

If you have blacksmithing you probably spent a lot of time or gold to max it out and now we are going to make it worth it.

Before you start you need to go to Twilight Highlands and find the vendor Brundall Chiselgut. He sells all of the patterns you will need to make gold. If you dont have the gold to invest in getting all of them start off with Ebonsteel Belt Buckle. The buckles get make me about 200 gold every 10-15 minutes on heavy raid nights. The next ones you should invest into are the Bloodied Pryrium pieces. The bracers and gloves tend to sell the best. After bloodied invest into Ornate (these are pally healer only so there isnt as high demand).

Shopping List:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jewlcrafting Gold Guide

By popular demand from the many emails i decided to make Jewlcrafting my next guide. The purpose of these guides is to only use the specific profession to make gold. So it is much easier to relate to for the readers who dont have every profession available.


Making gold with this profession is very easy when utilized with others but you can still make profit with these:

Monday, January 10, 2011

One Day As A Transmuter

I'm going to add a new section to my pages for all of the proffessions i easily make gold off of and here's my first.

Obtaining Transmute Spec: First off to really make this profitable you need to be sure you are transmute specced. To do this you need to fly to Netherstorm - Stormspire with 4 Primal Mights that you can purchase from the auction house and turn them in to Zarevhi. If you have already had an alchemy specialization you only need to find the person you trained it from and unlearn it. This costs about 150g. After that is done you then go and find Zarevhi, but you don't need the Primals if you paid the 150g.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold's Gold Carnival: My Favorite Farming Spot

Ya know there's Deepholm mining, theres tol barad croc skinning, and even Uldam delta herbing. But there was just something that i loved so much more. Cold and I seem to share the same love... oh Mary, why did you have to leave me.. erm i mean farming tradechat! Farming trade chat? You mean like buying cheap stuff right? No man, barking! You can tell from the many of Cold and myself's posts that we love to break loose of the shock collars and bark trade up a tree. You still don't know what Barking is? ARRFF ARRFF? No! Simply Advirtising. In my post No Wonder My Dog Likes Barking I explained how i was barking and the creative text i was using to sell out my Mysterious Fortune Cards. I later threw out to da public my addon-less way of Linking An Item In A Macro.  I am now working on a project of blowing someone out of the auction house using all of my posted techniques. I have tried to expand my newer passion of barking to the community and was succesful!

My favorite farming spot (Trade Chat) can only be accessed through being in a major city and you MUST have a keyboard.  Over time you adapt to the environment and learn the skill: Sarcasm.. this can be found in your spellbook. The barking technique mixes with the auction house because you want to be the lowest priced poster for whatever you are barking for. When you bark be sure to be creative and promote your product in a comedic way.

For Example: Could buying [Mysterious Fortune Card] really win you 5,000g for your mount insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood?... *Splash* HEY YOU DANG WOODCHUCKS.. quit chuckin my wood! *splash* heehehe..
using material already familar to the reader adds to the comedy.