Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold's Gold Carnival: My Favorite Farming Spot

Ya know there's Deepholm mining, theres tol barad croc skinning, and even Uldam delta herbing. But there was just something that i loved so much more. Cold and I seem to share the same love... oh Mary, why did you have to leave me.. erm i mean farming tradechat! Farming trade chat? You mean like buying cheap stuff right? No man, barking! You can tell from the many of Cold and myself's posts that we love to break loose of the shock collars and bark trade up a tree. You still don't know what Barking is? ARRFF ARRFF? No! Simply Advirtising. In my post No Wonder My Dog Likes Barking I explained how i was barking and the creative text i was using to sell out my Mysterious Fortune Cards. I later threw out to da public my addon-less way of Linking An Item In A Macro.  I am now working on a project of blowing someone out of the auction house using all of my posted techniques. I have tried to expand my newer passion of barking to the community and was succesful!

My favorite farming spot (Trade Chat) can only be accessed through being in a major city and you MUST have a keyboard.  Over time you adapt to the environment and learn the skill: Sarcasm.. this can be found in your spellbook. The barking technique mixes with the auction house because you want to be the lowest priced poster for whatever you are barking for. When you bark be sure to be creative and promote your product in a comedic way.

For Example: Could buying [Mysterious Fortune Card] really win you 5,000g for your mount insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood?... *Splash* HEY YOU DANG WOODCHUCKS.. quit chuckin my wood! *splash* heehehe..
using material already familar to the reader adds to the comedy.

There will come to a point when many people in trade argue that your cards are scams ect.. well dont worry! this is free advirtisement. Instead of building yourself a name as a spammer.. people arguing will do the spaming for you. You will notice that many cards sell during this time.

For a final hint on what cards could cost you to make check out my post About Milling.

I'm the creator of The Tipped Copper, and this is my favorite farming spot.

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  1. I usually bark when I list an item for the first or only supply in the AH. Always works.

    "Khorium bars now in AH. Only had 8, but listed individually". I will sell all 8 in seconds. Literally, by the time I open my AH and look at auctions, some are gone and I can watch the rest go. ((did I mention they sell for 149g all day? I may have to bump that up))

    Same with other hard to find goods. Works with Mooncloth bags, Infinite Dust (hard to find now) but not with wool and mageweave. Go figure.