Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blacksmithing Gold Guide

If you have blacksmithing you probably spent a lot of time or gold to max it out and now we are going to make it worth it.

Before you start you need to go to Twilight Highlands and find the vendor Brundall Chiselgut. He sells all of the patterns you will need to make gold. If you dont have the gold to invest in getting all of them start off with Ebonsteel Belt Buckle. The buckles get make me about 200 gold every 10-15 minutes on heavy raid nights. The next ones you should invest into are the Bloodied Pryrium pieces. The bracers and gloves tend to sell the best. After bloodied invest into Ornate (these are pally healer only so there isnt as high demand).

Shopping List:

Pyrite Ore or Pyrium Bar [whichever is cheaper ( 2 ore = 1 bar)]
Elementium Ore or Bar [whichever is cheaper ( 2 ore = 1 bar)]
Volatile Earth (used for belt buckles)
Volatile Fire (used for bloodied pieces)
Volatile Water (used for ornate pieces)

if you are able to find these cheap be sure to buy them up, especially pyrite and fire because belt buckles sell very fast.... the new mysterious fortune card? No.

Ebonsteel Belt Buckles:
to sell these to their max potential you should find out the prime raiding times on your server and post roughly an hour before they start and keep them stocked up till when raids normally end. If you are a raider that also raids during these times you would be pretty safe to post 5+ to ensure that they last till you can get back to the AH after the raid. Barking in trade seems to help a little, raiders who are flustered getting ready for their raid may have forgotten about their ungemmed belt. Dont get me wrong... these buckles sell at all times. Golden Rule: Do your math before buying materials... you dont want to be crafting at a loss.

Bloodied Pyrium Pieces:
If you like quick sales then posting gear is not something you will want to get into. Sometimes it sells, sometimes it doesn't. You may run into a lot of expired auctions before you find the light. When posting gear like this you will most definatly want to post for 12 hours. If you get undercut a few times, the demand isnt high enough to bring you back to the cheapest auction. you would benefit more by relisting after it expires then having to cancel a 48 hour auction and suffer the post fee. also make sure that you are posting in the profit zone. sometimes levelers will come along and undercut a ton just to get it sold.. make sure not to undercut these people.


Ebonsteel Belt Buckle: In one week i made around 9,000g selling these and only had them expire about 15 times.

Bloodied Pyrium Sets:

Bloodied Pyrium Bracers: 6 sales
Bloodied Pyrium Gauntlets: 4 sales
Bloodied Pyrium Helm: 4 sales
Bloodied Pyrium Legguards: 4 sales
Bloodied Pyrium Boots: 2 sales
Bloodied Pyrium Shoulders: 1 sale
Bloodied Pyrium Belt: Not in Profit Zone

Bloodied Pyrium Breastplate: 5 sales

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