Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Milling: What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

 When you mill herbs you are most likely doing it to make inks, and with Cata herbs, you may be turning those inks into mysterious fortune cards to sell. Cold had a nice post about mysterious fortune cards and I would like to add an addition to his most recent post about them on How To Beat Undercutters. a few people on my server saw all the hype about my creative barks so they also decided to jump into the market. One player soon destroyed my market of 50g a card to 20g a card. He then walled the price with 7 pages of posts at 48 hours. He also continually posts on 4 different toons. I did some quick math.. with cinderbloom @ 100g a stack i can make cards for about 21g because you make 5 inks per stack. This was simply no good until the recent Darkmoon Faire hit.

I realized that burning embers and inferno ink started flying off of the shelves with all of the people finishing decks and making cards. On my server inferno ink easily sells for over 200g each and 87g per ember. After testing about 20 stacks of cinderbloom i also came to the conclusion that you are basically gaurunteed 1 burning embers per stack. Sometimes you get unlucky and get 0 but sometimes you get lucky and pull in amounts up to 6! It is possible to get 3 in one mill attempt.

With these new numbers i took the price of a stack - price of burning embers. This changed the ballgame because now i can buy a stack of cinderbloom at 13g a stack... now divide by 5 (inks). You can now make mysterious fortune cards for 3g each!

From here you make the decision, flip the cards youself or deal with the prick undercutters stealing your tatics. honestly im going to sieze my market back with the mightly force of 200,000g (which i just reached). If your competition hasnt realized this factor yet then you can get a huge jump on them that will send them to spiral down. The final tip is to check all these prices on your server before following through, all servers are different and what has helped me may not help you.

Question of the Post: I've been slightly adding this in to all of my posts but ill just make it official. The Question of the Post is... what is the highest you have sold a single mysterious fortune card for? You can leave your answer in the comments section below

I personally have only sold them as high as 67... just when you think you have a monopoly... dang undercutters..


  1. I sold my highest at 32g.
    To let the price don't go too high I think about posting my cards at 25g that other may think this isn't worth.
    I have just to check the prices of the herbs on my server, thougt they where 800g per stack yesterday or even higher.

  2. My server had them consistently selling for 100g each until people discovered the market. :( Now they're down to around 20 at last check. Take a look:

  3. As Faid said, i also started to sell these at 100g. I was the first one to sell them on my server, and i had 2 days alone with them. But after 2 afternoons barking in trade, competition started to roll in...
    Now they are flowing around 20-30g. I made my gold, so i have left it alone for a few weeks now.

  4. Cards dropped like rocks on my server. Cant remember them being above 30g to be honest. One of the reasons why I didnt get into the market. Currently hovering around 12-15g and have been as low as 5g. Dont ask me what that guy was thinking about :D

  5. I started day one at 25g just to get people trying them out. Then in a couple days raised it to 35g.

    Just last night I had to bark away 120+cards listed at 19g, then set up shop with mine at 50g per card. Using the tactics listed in my post on beating the undercutters, I successfully moved the price from 19 to 50 gold and had the market to myself.

    Problem is that the higher you move it, the more likely people are to log over to their scribe and starts undercutting you again.

    I also have a supplier that mails me stacks upon stacks aof all versions of Cataclysm herbs for 70g per stack, so I can crank cards out and make a profit even at that 19g mark, without even accounting for the hundreds of infernos I've made basically free as a by product of milling and selling cards for profit.

    Thanks for the link! Glad you liked it!

    Be sure to check out today's reader submission post Tales of a Mysterious Fortune Card Dealer.

  6. I recently bought a few stacks of cards at 20g each totaling about 300 cards. I managed to sell them all at 28 to 35g each.

    What I found is that most people want to buy them as singles and the people selling them had stacks on the AH. The stack prices were in the ballpark of 20g, but when I would post at 30 or 35g for singles and bark mine would sell.

    The stacks I put up in 2s 5s and 10s didn't sell until all my singles were sold out.

    Also, I just made a huge post on how to figure out ink prices from herb prices and I put a link to my personal excel spreadsheet for a free download. Feel free to snag it at

  7. Was that a mis-type? 13g/stack for Cinderbloom? On the rare occasion it drops below 100g/stack on my server, I buy every last bit of it.

  8. My server started at 100g and now is down to 30-40g which is still nice.

  9. 13g per stack? 30-40g per stack? I can only matter what, they will not last long at that price. SNATCH EM! Check the other herbs too! Get that sellers name and contact them in game...and in not let that one go! BUY, BUY, BUY!

  10. thank you for all the comments! what i meant by 13g a stack was exactly that, when completely taking inferno ink or burning embers out of the equation the stack only costs 13g

  11. OOOHHH... Now, I understand, and it makes perfect sense...

  12. For about 6 glorious hours on my server, I was the first one to start selling these and had zero competition. I was able to sell a few hundred at 175g per card! I would say my rough average over all the thousands upon thousands of cards I've sold would be about 40g. Nowadays there's a guy who is posting 10+ pages of 15g per. I'm currently biding my time to see if he gets sick of it.