Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enchanting Gold Guide: Disenchanting

This one was tough to write about as a solo profession because most items in Cata aren't posted for very cheap yet. Also if you haven't noticed Auctioneer hasn't released a version that supports searching for items that require levels higher than 450. You are able to download a beta version manually at http://auctioneeraddon.com/dl/#preview.

If you arent going to use auctioneer to find items to disenchant you can do the old fashion search. The fastest way to look for highers items is looking for the JC rings/necklaces. Many people craft these to level their JC but have no use for them afterward. Instead of vendoring them they try to squeeze out a little gold on the  auction house. When Cata rings are made they gain random stats and name, but they still have the same disenchant percentages. For example Jasper Ring of Awesomeness and Jasper Ring of Suckiness are both 1-3 Hypnotic Dust and 1-3 Lesser Celestial Essence. Note: these aren't real ring names.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blacksmithing Gold Guide

If you have blacksmithing you probably spent a lot of time or gold to max it out and now we are going to make it worth it.

Before you start you need to go to Twilight Highlands and find the vendor Brundall Chiselgut. He sells all of the patterns you will need to make gold. If you dont have the gold to invest in getting all of them start off with Ebonsteel Belt Buckle. The buckles get make me about 200 gold every 10-15 minutes on heavy raid nights. The next ones you should invest into are the Bloodied Pryrium pieces. The bracers and gloves tend to sell the best. After bloodied invest into Ornate (these are pally healer only so there isnt as high demand).

Shopping List:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jewlcrafting Gold Guide

By popular demand from the many emails i decided to make Jewlcrafting my next guide. The purpose of these guides is to only use the specific profession to make gold. So it is much easier to relate to for the readers who dont have every profession available.


Making gold with this profession is very easy when utilized with others but you can still make profit with these:

Monday, January 10, 2011

One Day As A Transmuter

I'm going to add a new section to my pages for all of the proffessions i easily make gold off of and here's my first.

Obtaining Transmute Spec: First off to really make this profitable you need to be sure you are transmute specced. To do this you need to fly to Netherstorm - Stormspire with 4 Primal Mights that you can purchase from the auction house and turn them in to Zarevhi. If you have already had an alchemy specialization you only need to find the person you trained it from and unlearn it. This costs about 150g. After that is done you then go and find Zarevhi, but you don't need the Primals if you paid the 150g.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold's Gold Carnival: My Favorite Farming Spot

Ya know there's Deepholm mining, theres tol barad croc skinning, and even Uldam delta herbing. But there was just something that i loved so much more. Cold and I seem to share the same love... oh Mary, why did you have to leave me.. erm i mean farming tradechat! Farming trade chat? You mean like buying cheap stuff right? No man, barking! You can tell from the many of Cold and myself's posts that we love to break loose of the shock collars and bark trade up a tree. You still don't know what Barking is? ARRFF ARRFF? No! Simply Advirtising. In my post No Wonder My Dog Likes Barking I explained how i was barking and the creative text i was using to sell out my Mysterious Fortune Cards. I later threw out to da public my addon-less way of Linking An Item In A Macro.  I am now working on a project of blowing someone out of the auction house using all of my posted techniques. I have tried to expand my newer passion of barking to the community and was succesful!

My favorite farming spot (Trade Chat) can only be accessed through being in a major city and you MUST have a keyboard.  Over time you adapt to the environment and learn the skill: Sarcasm.. this can be found in your spellbook. The barking technique mixes with the auction house because you want to be the lowest priced poster for whatever you are barking for. When you bark be sure to be creative and promote your product in a comedic way.

For Example: Could buying [Mysterious Fortune Card] really win you 5,000g for your mount insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood?... *Splash* HEY YOU DANG WOODCHUCKS.. quit chuckin my wood! *splash* heehehe..
using material already familar to the reader adds to the comedy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Expirement With Beating Undercutters

Yesterday someone stubbled upon your market. Today it's not your market anymore.
 I once read that the auction house posters could be categorized into 4 types of sellers that each have unique qulities.

Random Seller: These players generally dont sit in the auction house much and have no respect for the market or its posters. They come only to sell an item just because they have it and don't care what the price is. You normally find these people posting 25% less then the next highest listing. They also dont have the industry to compete with you so no worries here. I also notice people developing into this sort of seller when trying to get out of a certain market.
How To Fight: Best thing to do is offer to buy their items at a cheaper price and then relist. If they refuse saying,"im lowest on the AH it'll sell," undercut them first.

The Monopolist: This guy likes to buy out a market and post it extremely high and will also buyout any undercuts to maintain the high price. Most of the time this takes a lot of gold to start out.
How To Fight: You can easily make profit from these guys because they want to buy out all the items you post in their market... if you dont stop posting, he will have to change his gameplan or wait it out.

The AH Camper: You know these people, they dedicate most of their time to watching their markets, always reposting the amount that's sold and will undercut you within a minute of your auction post.
How To Fight: Add their toon to your friends list and see where they are in the world, if in a major city, post one item and see what happens.. if you are undercut, wait till they log off. or you can become a Deep Undercutter mentioned below.

The Deep Undercutter: These people say its to benefit the buyers when really they are just trying to make others not want to post. They take a market and crumble the profit to make regular posters fall out of the market... its possible that they plan to raise it later or lower the price to then buy up the undercutters for cheap.
How To Fight: If you have the bank to compete (gold) you can attempt to buy them up cheap and relist higher. This strategy works quicker and better if they are offline. Essentially you are using the tactics of a Monopolist.

This post is an introduction to my next one which will be an expirement with a specific undercutter i have on my server and wether or not i can beat him while still making profit.

Question of the Post: What would you classify yourself as and why?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recognition: What's Next?

Yesterdays post Top Up-and-Coming Blogs by mageshadow at JMTC left me exstatic and in aw at how many of you took the time to follow the link over here. Hopefully you have all found quality material and will continue to check out my posts. I would also like to make a call out to all you gold goblins out their to send an email to myself at base2playa15@gmail.com with your amazing unique gold ideas. If you would like to have your's posted here for the World of Warcraft world to see give me your ideas! I am still playing around with the idea of a question of the week section/post but i need some faithful commenters. let me know what you think.

this is mainly directed to the new viewers that saw me through JMTC but any can respond....
Question of the Post: When your browser first uploaded my page and you searched around, what was the most appealing feature on my site? or simply what do you like the most?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Milling: What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

 When you mill herbs you are most likely doing it to make inks, and with Cata herbs, you may be turning those inks into mysterious fortune cards to sell. Cold had a nice post about mysterious fortune cards and I would like to add an addition to his most recent post about them on How To Beat Undercutters. a few people on my server saw all the hype about my creative barks so they also decided to jump into the market. One player soon destroyed my market of 50g a card to 20g a card. He then walled the price with 7 pages of posts at 48 hours. He also continually posts on 4 different toons. I did some quick math.. with cinderbloom @ 100g a stack i can make cards for about 21g because you make 5 inks per stack. This was simply no good until the recent Darkmoon Faire hit.

I realized that burning embers and inferno ink started flying off of the shelves with all of the people finishing decks and making cards. On my server inferno ink easily sells for over 200g each and 87g per ember. After testing about 20 stacks of cinderbloom i also came to the conclusion that you are basically gaurunteed 1 burning embers per stack. Sometimes you get unlucky and get 0 but sometimes you get lucky and pull in amounts up to 6! It is possible to get 3 in one mill attempt.

With these new numbers i took the price of a stack - price of burning embers. This changed the ballgame because now i can buy a stack of cinderbloom at 13g a stack... now divide by 5 (inks). You can now make mysterious fortune cards for 3g each!

From here you make the decision, flip the cards youself or deal with the prick undercutters stealing your tatics. honestly im going to sieze my market back with the mightly force of 200,000g (which i just reached). If your competition hasnt realized this factor yet then you can get a huge jump on them that will send them to spiral down. The final tip is to check all these prices on your server before following through, all servers are different and what has helped me may not help you.

Question of the Post: I've been slightly adding this in to all of my posts but ill just make it official. The Question of the Post is... what is the highest you have sold a single mysterious fortune card for? You can leave your answer in the comments section below

I personally have only sold them as high as 67... just when you think you have a monopoly... dang undercutters..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Flaskers Digest: Flask and Flask Accessories

With raiding starting to pick up you may want to start stocking up on materials to make flasks. If you had read my last post, then you should already have been!

Investments: The following is a list of mats for the main flasks.

Stamina: Flask of Steelskin
6 Volatile Life
12 Twilight Jasmine
12 Cinderbloom

Hello Opportuntiy

With the holidays over and adults/kids returning to their normal routine I predict a huge change in the prices of mostly all crafting material. Blizzard created a critical intersection by releasing Cataclysm before the holidays and this will benefit you if you act fast. Over the holidays children were on break so they basically stayed up all night, woke up early, and farmed in Cataclysm. So for almost two weeks the prices for farmable mats have been relatively low. Like mostly all guilds on all servers, my guild has waited until the holidays were over to start raiding. When guilds start really raiding the mighty balls of pugs grow and more start to form. For any pug to have a shred of potential they will need higher enchants, higher gems, higher gear, and tons of flasks.

To start it out, all of the Christmas vacation kids are going back to school so less and less mats will show up on the auction house. Then the raiders/puggers intersect that, creating a demand that is much greater than the supply. To meet market equilibrium the price has to rise.

It only makes sense that you should invest in low cost materials before the small stockpiles from the holidays dry up. The main materials I am going to focus on are for flasks, enchants, and belt buckles. you may have noticed that really none of these items have been selling and that's because there was very little need. Most players that have a bit of gold dont want to blow it on a belt buckle just to add one gem, for their heroics... but once the raiding kicks in every bit helps and they will realize that after their first 20 wipes. Most guilds also aren't investing much into flasks, or so i've seen, so anyone not wanting to look like a fool in their guild raid will be buying flasks.

Like i said here are the mats for the belt buckles that i expect to go up in price along with its mats.

Ebonsteel Belt Buckle:
4 Volatile Earth
4 Elementium Bar (8 Elementium Ore)
4 Pyrium Bar (8 Pyrite Ore)

I would invest in abnormally cheap herbs of all kinds, Cataclysm enchanting mats, and the mats listed above for belt buckles. With the rise in price for herbs you can expect all items relating to the milling of them to rise as well... mysterious fortune card maybe...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Call To Opinions!

just recently i redesigned my site and i would like to get some feedback on it. If you remember how it looked before and like anything new please let me know. Also if there is anything i could change to make it more attractive or add.

also if any bloggers out there read this and would like to share blogrolls im all ears!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

JMTC Carnival: How I've Made Gold In Cataclysm

I Started Cataclysm with high hopes to make tons of gold, i didnt really get into making gold by playing the AH till about halfway through ICC so most of the markets i could get into were falling knives that i didnt want to catch. I eventually learned patience and was eager to use the knowledge i had gainedi n such a short amount of time.
Going into Cata i only had the items listed in my post Cataclysmic Stockpile and honestly it wasnt as much as i wanted. Well so far I have only gone through 2 bank tabs at the most and i've gained a combined total for my toons 110k in Cataclysm.

Over the duration of cata i have posted almost every way i've made gold

Mysterious Fortune Cards: My absolute favorite way to make gold. I love getting spammed with sold auctions after i use my barks. Some techniques i used to make gold in this area were massively buying cheap herbs to mill and barking a ton as posted in No Wonder My Dog Likes Barking. The most important thing i did in this market was raising the price. I kept the price relatively high around 50g each by planning the buyout of the entire market, i would wait until the majority would expire and i would then buy out the rest of the 48 hour posters and relist at 50-60g. This was very late at night when no other crafters were on, unsuring that i owned the market all night. I noticed that this was prime time for me because all of the fun players were on. I recieved tons of lols on my barks and thats what made this fun.

Glyphs: these were just the normal postings while i focused on cards, i stocked enough ink to push me for a long while and these would normally add a few K to my total daily profits.

Ore: I did some farming when i was bored staring at the AH screen and those would bring in about 180 a stack. I found some key areas to focus on and that really boosted daily profits.

Orbs: I didnt actually sell and epic crafted gear but i did manage to sell all of the orbs i got for 3k each. The customer would give me his mats, i would craft, and he would pay for how many orbs used, simple.

Truegold: The first weekend of Cata i was able to get some Truegold for 500g each! these relisted at 1k. My initial investment was to make epic pieces out of them, but that never happened.

Enchanting Mats: As abyss crystals got cheaper i got more stacks of them :) these easily turned profit via abyssal shatter because infinite dust and greater cosmic essence increased greatly in price.

Recently i have been buying up jaspers at 10g a piece and crafting the jasper rings out of them. the jasper rings DE to 1-3 Hypnotic Dust or 1-3 Lesser Celestial Essence. whenever i would recieve a 1 of soemthing it was really pushing it on profit but more time then not i recieved 2-3 of w/e bringing in more gold.

Stupidity in Netherweave: I sold off all of my bags extremely fast at around 9g each and i am scraping the bottom for cloth. I made the profit i wanted but there have been times when bags were up to 20g and i couldnt capitalize...so be it.

Prospecting: this barely makes me my 2 copper now because of low gem prices but early on this technique was damn good. I was only able to prospect obsidium ore but it was still well worth it. the strategy i used here was buy a stack, prospect it and calculate how much i would make if it all sold. i would then subtract that from what i spent on the stack. If i recieved a negative number, that was the profit. I was very conservative here, only prospecting a few stacks at a time.

Farming: I tried a few farming spots for cloth and volatiles but stuff like that just isnt for me, i always get flustered feeling like im racing a cloak. but if you dont get that feeling your wasting time, and time is money friend.

Setting Goals: I set a constant goal of making 10k every day. If i ever failed to meet that goal i would set a higher one. I have a weekend goal, a weekday goal, and my vacation goal to meet 200k. My vacation ends Wednesday and i am 25k away.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Linking An Item In A Macro

Since I just posted about some creatve barks in trade chat you may be looking around for a way to macro them. If you have already tried yourself you probably failed because you cant shift-click an item into the macro window. I eventually got tired of typing out every post myself so i began searching for way to link an item into a macro. After a few misleading titles and failed attemptes i came across the correct way.

you can easily ctrl c -> ctrl v this into any chat frame in wow:

/run CreateMacro("Test", 6,"[Item Link]", 1,0)

after thats typed out or pasted into your chat you will need to replace [Item Link] with the item you want to link in the macro. If you want mutliple links in the macro then have both inside the ""

the next step is to go into your macros under character specific and re title / re icon your macro.
you will find that the only text in the macro is/are the link(s). To make this trade ready all you must do is have /2(space) in front and then insert the text you want around the linked item
Be sure not to delete the linked item or you will have to start again.