Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JMTC Carnival: How to Make Gold With Minimal Playtime

When I'm not raiding in WoW i am generally trying to make gold. Each day i can normally dedicate 3 hours give or take to making gold and most days i make around 10k.

To start the easy gold making process you first need to access what you have in your arsenal. I've recently posted a few guides that breaks the professions down into exactly what you have to do. After you have determined what you have to work with you should make a list or mental note of what you are going to make and sell every day. Making a physical list would be better because you can then list out the materials you need all together. Doing this will enable you to buy all on one toon and send the mats off to whichever is crafting the items. If you dont have a lot of time try to stick to things that dont require barking like mysterious fortune cards. You are going to want to focus on hot items that arent too infested with undercutters.

Once you develope a routine you can add on to it to fit your time schedule.

My Routine:

When i know i will be able to go through the full round i start out with smallest to biggest.

Toon 1: This is my blacksmith, i go through and check prices of all the bloodied pyrium pieces, if price to craft is cheaper then price to sell then i craft them up and post for 12 hours. I also buy all the materials needed to make Ebonsteel Belt Buckles and create enough to where i wont have to craft for a few days. I post these, make sure im stocked on cheap mats, and then log to Toon 2.

Toon 2: This is my Alchemist, i first make sure i have done my daily Living Elements Transmute to sell off the Volatile Airs. I then check the cost to transmute Inferno Rubys. If i would make a decent profit i transmute and sell the raws.

Toon 3: this is my Tailor/Enchanter. I first buy up all the netherweave cloth under 10g and go afk while im creating bags, when i come back with a drink i post what i've made. Also i check prices on Infinite Dust, Greater Cosmic Essence, Greater Celestial Essence, and Hypnotic Dust. If they are in the range i like to sell at, i post whatever i have in my bags or what i see fit. I also make one of those mental notes about my stock of those four so i can start the relenish process during toon 4.

Toon 4: This is my Scribe/JC. This is by far the toon i spend the most time on so i do him last. The reason for this is so toon 1-3's items have a chance to sell while im on toon 4. I start out looting my mailbox of any glyphs or gems that have expired and list them on the Auction House, while im at the auction house i search for herbs that fall within my range of buying so i can mill them. If i have purchased anything I collect them from the mailbox and mill them while i have APM's cancel feature running.

By the time it i finish milling i have finished cancelling so i /ghostwolf run to the mailbox and grab the cancelled glyphs. While i am reposting them i am creating inks with the pigment from milling. Once milling, cancelling, and posting is checked off i use the summary feature to tell me what glyphs i need to craft and get posted on the AH. I set up my craft que and make the glyphs needed, if i have run out of any inks or parchment needed i get mageshadow to port me to Dalaran so i can trade in blackfallow inks and buy parchment. After i have finished crafting i post in the Dal Auction House. Then post whatever Inferno Ink i have from milling.

Now i move on to JC, i take a quick hearth back to SW to do the JC daily and buy a pattern if i can. I re-stock the AH with the cuts i can make and also post any uncommon gem that happens to be the daily. Then i check Elementium Ore and Obsidium Ore prices to determine wether i should prospect.
If i prospect this is what i do with the gems:

Jasper: Create rings to DE
Alicite: Create necks to DE or sell cuts to vendor
Zephyrite: Save for when the JC daily requires them to sell on AH
Nightstone: Sell on AH or save until JC daily requires them to sell on AH
Carnelian: My Enchanter isn't high enough level to DE fist weapons so i save them until that day comes.
Hessonite: Normally sell on AH unless prices are low, if so i create Bands to DE.
Rare Gems: Save to Cut or Sell raw if i have a large stock.

Also, depending on meta prices, i will use gems to transmute into metas if it is cheaper to craft then it is to sell.

If my enchanter was low on infinite dust i create wrath rings/necks to DE. I setup my APM automail so i can go afk for a while.

Rinse and Repeat: At this point i go through the rotation again reposting anything that has sold. This time when i stop on my alchemist i transmute meta gems to cut or sell. Then onto my Enchanter to DE everything i have made. Finally when i reach my Scribe/JC i post Mysterious Fortune Cards while i have time to bark.

Finding a routine is key because you can select which parts of the routine to start at in different situations. If you dont have time to complete everything, do the toon that would net the most gold or the one you can multitask with. For example my Scribe/JC. Also you should always leave time to buy materials so you dont have to worry about starting with nothing the next time you are able to go through your rotation. Just like in raids, you always want the best rotation, for maximum DPS. For making gold you want the best rotation, for maximum GPS. (gold per second lol).


  1. We have DPS rotations, we should also have GPH rotations.

    This one seems pretty tight. Nice work.

    You mentioned that you net about 10k per day. This is very interesting to me. How much do you invest to get that 10k, or is the 10k gross?

    Curious goblins want to know!

  2. well for example i start the day with 300k and will end with 310k. Once you get into the routine you barely notice how much gold you are investing to keep everything going smooth

  3. If you can buy mats at a different time of the day you may find some better results. I spend 10 minutes first thing in the morning looking for cheap herbs and ore. The prices are dramatically different than if I wait for night.

    Herbs, lately ihave been able to buy cat a herbs and sell inferno ink for the cost of the herbs. Makes the profit that much better on herbs. You don't say this but I only make glyphs when they are over 100gold. It just maximizes gold and lessens my time. I have a routine very similar to yours and get the same results but in substantially less time. I do think most of my profit is in the buying phase.