Monday, January 10, 2011

One Day As A Transmuter

I'm going to add a new section to my pages for all of the proffessions i easily make gold off of and here's my first.

Obtaining Transmute Spec: First off to really make this profitable you need to be sure you are transmute specced. To do this you need to fly to Netherstorm - Stormspire with 4 Primal Mights that you can purchase from the auction house and turn them in to Zarevhi. If you have already had an alchemy specialization you only need to find the person you trained it from and unlearn it. This costs about 150g. After that is done you then go and find Zarevhi, but you don't need the Primals if you paid the 150g.

Transmuting Gems: To start off the round I check all of the prices for all green level Cataclysm Gems. Making a mental note or paper... i check the blue level, like Inferno Ruby. If you want to minimize the risk you take when transmuting, be sure that even if you dont proc you will still make profit and when it does happen the procs are essientially free. This way you aren't relying on procs to save your butt and make you gold. Also be sure not to too many at once or the AH posting fee will easily put you in the negative from undercutters.

Meta Gems: Shadowspirit Diamond - These generally cost a lot to make but will net you profit. The more expensive they are to make = the higher they sell = more gold generated from one proc. When figuring mat cost remember that a transmute specced alch always recieves 2 gems here. So say mats cost 250g but gem only sells for 200g. You will still make minimum of 150g each use.

Daily Transmute CD: If you aren't using your Transmute CD or selling it then you aren't making as much profit as you could be.

Living Elements: I haven't had very much luck making profit from Truegold so i decided to do Living Elements. This turns 15 Volatile Life into roughly the same amount of another Volatile. If you haven't already found out the area you use the transmute in decides what it turns into.

Volatile Fire - Hyjal
Volatile Water - Vashj'ir
Volatile Earth - Deepholm
Volatile Air - Uldam
Random - Anywhere other then listed above (including Twilight Highlands)

So around midnight when most people have stayed up to get a transmute in is when you should hop a portal to the highest selling Volatile's area, transmute, and list them on the AH. Generally this is when prices are the highest and will net you the most profit.

Truegold: Like i said i havent had very much luck here when it comes to procs but if you can afford the investment it is well worth the time. If you proc you get an extra 1,000g or so.

(these are all current prices on my server)

Inferno Ruby (10 Transmutes + 4 Procs) Cost in mats = 510g
14 @ 70g each = 980g

470g Profit!
Ember Topaz (10 Transmutes + 5 Procs) Cost in Mats = 450g
15 @ 40g each = 600g

150g Profit!
Shadowspirit Diamond (3 Transmutes + 1 Proc) Cost in Mats 585g
7 @ 189g each = 1,323g

738g Profit!
Living Elements (1 Transmute = 16 Volatile Air) Cost in Mats = 97.5g
16 @ 33g each = 528g

430.5g Profit!

Other transmutes were a bit more risky but you can always increase your profits by getting a JC to cut your gems into popular cuts.

In one day's routine i was able to pull in about 1,788g with one proffesion. If i were to have obtained these gems through prospecting it would have been even more profit but i simply bought off the auction house.

Question of the Post: As there are many proffesions, which guide would you like me to cover next? preferably a crafting one :)


  1. Question of the post answer: I'd like to see an enchanting post devoted to disenchanting.

    I have been making about 2k-3k/day by doing the following: buying any item level 289 and up greens that sell below the expected DE values, disenchanting and selling mats on AH. For example, I find Redsteel Belts for 20g to 25g, and these DE into 3-4 Hypnotic Dusts and occasionally proc a Lesser Celestial Essence. At 17g or so per Hypnotic Dust, the 25g investment gives a return of 51g-68g or even more if the LCE procs.

    Also, the supplies of infinite dust have just about dried up on my server. I'm still finding Abyss Crystals for 12g-14g, sometimes less. Market rate for Infinite Dust is about 3g/unit so a 12g Abyss Crystal will yield 24g-30g in mats. The Greater Cosmic Essences that proc sell for less, so I usually make a little or just break even when they result from the Abyssal Shatter.

    With Cobalt becoming more and more cheap, Cobalt War Axes are again a viable production item to DE for Infinite Dust if no Abyss Crystals are available. As I write this post, I have the only auctions up in the AH for Infinite Dust--54 auctions of 5x units, 15g per auction. They will sell out before morning.

    I'm interested in other DE tips and ideas, what's working for others--this is a very lucrative market right now.

  2. @Kammler - you could also scan for armour or weapons by level range then sort by price - I often find lvl 70-80 gear for 5-8g & often it is buyout not bid at that price.

  3. Good tip Nev. I run a scan of DE items 2-3 times a day. Usually on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon I will find some items that way but I often find none. My conclusion is that enchanters are running those same scans and using the mats to produce their scrolls.

    To test this hypothesis I produced 10 Duskweave Belts. I then bought all the Infinite Dust in the AH below 3g/unit. I listed my Duskweave Belts at market value, 28g each. When DE'd, there is a 75% chance of 5-7 Infinite Dust and 25% chance of 1-2 Greater Cosmic Essence.

    I watched my auctions and when the Duskweave Belts sold 7 went to one player and 3 went to another. All sold, btw, within 2 hours.

    Soon after, I noticed new scrolls posted by these two players priced at just below my postings in the AH. There was no new listing of Infinite Dust in the AH.

    I know this is a small sample but if they were buying to DE and relist the mats they would have had to list higher than 3g/unit or they would be losing money. Could be a coincidence but every day the market price of Inf Dust goes up a little more, and the scroll prices are going up too--less supply, fewer scrolls.

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  5. Oops, Nice post Xero, very informative.

    Posted the wrong author :D above.

    I think I may change my Alchemist to transmute from elixir as I cannot see much use for flask transmutes etc once cauldrons are up and rolling.

    @ Kammler - I always find the DE market to be harder work than the others, maybe just my server.

  6. Great recap post with numbers. Its amazing what little work needs to be done to make gold and how lazy people actually are for not taking the time to check something.

    It also gives a good explanation on why its important to diversify and add more alts with more professions whenever possible to maximize profit margins.