Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Wonder My Dog Likes Barking

You've seen a thousand posts about making money with Mysterious Fortune Cards, well this is just another one... But wait! dont go! I'm going to expand on Cold's Barking Tips and his barking post. The last few days i have really gotten into creative barking and here's why. Several people laugh at my posts and that increases the attention, which increases sales, which increases profit. Also i many people have told me that they buy extra cards simply because i take the time to type all of my barks and because they are creative. As a matter of fact people buy my cards over the undercutters just because i bark. I love barking. Here's some of the barks that i like to use and normally think of on the spot:
Note: some of these are for a mature audience and are great for trade lols

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Critical Profession Points

If you still have yet to crack through the 450 barrier of your professions, the time now is better then ever. There is a slight slump in the price of mats so get leveling! I composed a list of the professions i use and what level you need to get them to to add some extra profit everyday.

Inscription: There were a few key points here. The easiest level being 450, at 450 you can learn to create Mysterious Fortune Card. If you havent lready read thousands of posts about these they basically spread their wings and fly of the AH before you finish posting them. Its a profit margin of about 20+ gold each card.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Hero's Story (3)

I left off my last post about my journey through WoW with the joining of <The Exiles>. I few days in to the exiles i was giving the chance to tank their 25 man and become a permanent tank for one of their 10s. My performance must have sparked their interests because i soon became the OT for their most progressed 10 man, working in heroics.

Note: This is a continuation of my introduction, i wanted to show all of my readers the raider side of me and how i'm able to sustain my raiding passion with my Gold making tactics. My story is full of WoW drama and i am open to any suggestions about the structure. Please enjoy my WoW Life and how i became one of the top raiders on my server.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10k One Day

i have never been a huge gold maker, i only reached my 150k mark by simply saving my gold and nomally focusing on the "hot" proffesion. i had noticed that this last saturday my gold making was starting to raise so i set a goal for myself... Make 10k on Sunday. I achieved this victory and then some by spreading my markets out. I would normally go about my normal routine by posting some glyphs, some bags, and some ore but i knew there was more i could do. and here's what i did:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crafting Gold: Chaos Orb Edition

If you’re a maxed crafter or plan on becoming a maxed crafter then you will defiantly want to start running heroic dungeons to acquire Chaos Orb from the last boss. These orbs are used to make all epic crafted gear and some higher level blues. Chaos orbs will be a large factor in the price to sell these epics because if someone wants an epic piece crafted they can’t just give the crafter the mats and receive the item; they have to hope that they can find a crafter who actually has an orb.
I’m using my maxed Blacksmithing as an example below

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Long Run

Today was the first day of arena season! This also meant that rated battlegrounds have come available. If you havent already been selling the crafted PvP sets WTF aRe YoU dOiNg? i know that a main thing that is stopping people from leveling their blacksmithing, tailoring, or leatherworking are the cost of the mats. Now let me tell you how i softened the blow.

So i was really afraid to invest all of this gold into my blacksmithing on Xero because i was pretty sure that he prices would drop soon enough and i would just catch up. I alos knew that arena season was starting today and that many players were going to buy the full starter sets and get a huge jump on rating/bgs so i broke down and leveled my BS. /cry it cost over 100g a level.. average.

I was feeling a little drained about spending a large portion of savings until i remembered that all this junk gear that will never sell could be DEd. This greatly softened the blow by about 40g a level. I am so glad that i leveled BS to the starter PvP sets because now i cant keep these babies in stock. They have all sold for over 3k each and in the first few hours of posting i have almost broken even.

Its definatly not too late for you to level your crafting profession up and net a decent profit, plus you will be one of the first to have access to newer patterns because i'm sure spending gold is what has stopped so many people from attempting to level.

Let me know how your crafting profession has been with the first day of real PvP in the comments section below.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Infinite Profit

The need for wrath mats has finally come. What has happened was this: when Cataclysm hit there were still many players with WotLK mats and they frantically tried to sell them. Well when those stock piles ran dry there are still people that need to level their professions. the stock running dry created a lower supply and a higher demand. Which, in turn, raises the price.

I just noticed the spike in price for infinite dust and greater cosmic essence, lucky for me, i have a large supply of rings/necklaces to DE. Over a few days the normally price (25-30g) a stack has increased to amounts around 90g a stack! I have been selling out on every stack i post. I highly recommend looking out for cheap wrath gems/eternal earth and cheap abyss crystals.

To give you a little more understanding on how well these babies are doing... i have 1 1/2 guid bank tabs full of them... all gone in 2 days.

let me know how your doing on enchanting mats sales in an email or the comments section below!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prospection Inspection

As you have most likely read all over the web, prospection is the new fad... that not many are paying much attention to. Every day I expirement with the uncut gem market/prospecting, doing math on my calculator and taking notes. I normally dont do more then 3 stacks of ore because i'm not a huge risk taker, especially in a market that is so risky. I say this market is risky because nobody can really tell when it is going to even out and/or at what price. One day a gem is selling for 120g then the next day its down to 30g wtf? The newer markets can jump a lot early on depending on how many people go out and farm at a specific time.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weekend Spenders

With the fallout of WotLK of the rise of Cata you may have forgotten your old gold making tactics. This coming weekend will be the first weekend of Cataclysm so be prepared to see a lot of items being posted on the auction house for cheap (the more posters, the further the price goes down). Most of the players you are going to be dealing with will be younger then most playing now, this can potentially mean they want to sell all there stuff fast! and dont understand the concept of "holding." I recommend /who the person posting and whispering them if they are willing to sell any cheaper. Don't be afraid to invest your money into cheap cheap mats because they will most likely go back up during the week day for the large remainder of players maxing their professions. Please leave comments or send over an email on how you are making money this expansion, also for any bloggers out there im looking to expand my blog role. Let me know if you are interested in exchanging.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cataclysm, Practically Mining Gold!

You would think the most conventional way to mine in Cata would simply be to find a route, stick with it, and mine... well depending on how packed your server is you can make a pretty penny mining mobs. YES I SAID MOBS! Once you make your way to Deepholm there are mobs by the horde ship crash site just south of the starting spot, that you can easily mine. Just like skinning, people have to fully loot the mob. These earth elementals are called Deepstone Elemental and drop any combo of 43S grey, 1-2 Obsidium Ore, and 1-2 Volatile Earth when you mine them. If you happen to be there when a ton of people are questing that area you can rake in a ton of ore or volatiles which sell very well in the AH (depending on server). If your luck is good and the place is packed expect to make a lot of gold here. Luck has a large factor as you normally come up with the greys, but its well worth the look.

How I Made My Big Cata Profit

If you have been paying any attention to the market recently you would know that not many items went way up in price or sell really well if they did. I started out cata leveling and mining along the way. Before i even shipped out to hyjal i snagged some deals on Obsidium Ore and smelted them into bars which requires 2 ore. I posted those up for roughy 6 times the price of the ore, meaning 3 times the price of the 2 required. The minute i left for hyjal, boom all gone. That netted me an easy 2k gold. I then quested for a few hours always selecting the highest profit BoPs from the quests and vendoring them... the items alone gave me another 400g plus all of the quests ranged from 4-9 gold. Every once in a while I would find a few mining nodes which would drop anywhere from 2-4 ore and sometimes even a green. Little did i know, until the next day, all of the greens i picked up would sell for over 100g each... i got 5 of them. So in the first day i made over 4k in a few hours on one toon. Not too bad, but im really hoping to sell off my stockpile. Please leave comments or send in an email the way you made gold on your first day!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Less Then Expected?

I'm positive that most servers are the same and that most people arent really making a ton of profit like they thought they would. If the picutre in your head was, "im gonna make 3x the gold i invested the first day!" then you are wrong. You must realize that Cata wasnt downloaded by the entire world, tons of people are waiting for the weekend or even getting it for christmas. The gold will come if you wait patiently. When people undercut you on products you signed your WoW life away on just remember that whatever it is will most likely sell fast.

I posted a bunch of netherweave bags last night at 7gm, 9g, 12g, 14g and 19g... none of them sold when i checked my mail at 7a.m. but when i got home at 3p.m. i had sold all of them up to 19g. The market jumped a large amount over the day and netted me a 500g profit... i wish i would have posted more.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Man Your Stations!

The goldblog community can't stress enough for all you potential goblins out there to make sure that you post all the stuff you want to sell right away for 48 hours and most likely above price. Get all of your initial sales prepped, meaning craft your freaking glyphs and make those bags, this is gonna be a bumpy ride. I will progressively be posting my earnings once cata hits. Stay tooned! and keep the comments/suggestions coming.

The Wave Theory

This was my guest post over at JMTC and i decided to place it here as well so it will forever be viewable on my site. Thank you all for giving me a great start to my blogging career.
What we have here is a wave. This wave represents the large amount of new players/toons that arrive and progress through the world of warcraft. The theory that i created is that the wave of new toons will progress through different stages of farming roughly at the same time. This ends up creating a shortage and a surplus of mats throughout the level stages. In my example i am using the leather market.

Cataclysmic Stockpile. What? Why?

I will try to make this post as short as possible because i know you are all running around like chickens with your head cut off awaiting the arrival of the end of the world of warcraft. I'll break this guide down into all the main items i have stockpiled and why i think they will make me gold.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cataclysm Fallback Prep

If you use the Auction Profit Master addon to speed post glyphs then you are familiar with the fallback setting. What the fallback is, is when there are auctions posted in the AH that are less then the minimum you are willing to post for APM will automatically post your glyph at your fallback price.

for example: my threshold (minimun im willing to post at) is set to 15g, Whenever someone has posted an auction that is under 15g apm will post my glyph for 75g (my fallback). What this can do is greatly raies the price of the glyph... when all those glyphs sell you will be the one who determines what the market starts at.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Glyph Boom Preparation

Ever hear of quick auctions 3? then you probably know that its been changed to auction profit master. If you were planning on making a ton of gold wih glyphs during the release of Catalysm then you may want to take this precaution to increase your profits before its too late.

The new version of quick auctions 3 has a feature called a whitelist, what the whitelist does is makes it so you dont undercut anyone who you have put there. Why wouldnt i want to undercut them, they are my competition!? Instead of worrying so much about sales, maybe you should worry a little bit about what constant undercutting does to the glyph market (it lowers it).

AH Search

My old snatch list used to be a pen and paper next to the keyboard and i would just manually type in every single product i wanted to check for deals. My snatch list gradually increased and i got fed up with it when i started controlling the flask market. I would be in heated wars over dominancy of this market and i'd have to manually type the name of all 3 just to check if i had been undercut.

i started my search, looking for an addon that i couldquickly check the price of one items and move on to the next without having to fumble threw spelling errors. after trying many i came apon AH Search. what this addon does is adds a forward and back button under the search panel of the auction house. of course it doesnt work like the forward and back buttons of your web browser, but what it does do is enables you to easily clik through a list, made by you. working along side auctioneer and its ability to so the cheapest % of the item you are able to have a snatch list in the style of the regular auction house screen. i personally like this better then my pen and paper snatch list and auctioneers snatch list.

I like it because its not only a snatch list but it greatly helps you control your market in the heat of battle, no more achey fingers for a few extra gold.

Stocking Up, Its Not Too Late!

With Cata coming in 3 days there are a lot of people out there who are panicking thinking that all their low level mats will not be worth anything once it hits. The variety of those people can range from 80s selling items their alts have picked up and even first time players who don't realize what's about to happen. If you are one of those people who aren't stocking, barely stocking, or kinda stocking then you fall under the category "don't realize what's about to happen" and maybe even "don't realize what's happening now." What i have noticed on my server are surges of low level mats being posted in bulk for less then half normal price.

(2) A Hero's Story Continued...

I will be keeping up on posting my story/introduction while also bringing in some gold posts. I was so excited to wake up and start writing this morning but i know i shouldnt blow out all my ideas too fast.

I left off with my first raid expirience and how bad of a raider i was supposed to turn out to be but my new path had been laid out in front of me. I was in a level/social guild <Sanctuary> for quite some time and i was one of the few level 80s we had. In my time in the guild i had seen many of the people i looked up to; level to 80, say their goodbyes, and jump ship to some raiding guild. Not wanting to let anyone down or leave the guild i started making plans to morph us into a raiding guild. The guild leader was taking a break from WoW and he promoted me

Friday, December 3, 2010

AH Panick Flip

After i posted my introduction (part 1) i thought i would also throw up a gold post, since thats what my blog will mainly consist of. After thinking a while and trying to filter out all the ideas i had that were original i remembered a small panick attack i had the other day over a few thousand gold.

I was playing around with my brand new laptop and scanning through the auction house for any deals that i thought would be good to buyout and re sell in cata, i ventured into the gem catagory and noticed 3 stacks of cardinal rubies with a buyout of 1500g and a bid of 125g and 2h remaining!! O.o in the excitement i quickly clicked on them and bid em all up. I reloaded the page and noticed that there were only 2 stacks left... my heart skipped a beat. i quickly /cast Ghost Wolf  (cause thats how i bark) and ran to the mailbox. Sure enough there was a stack of cardinal ruby in my mailbox that i bought for 1500g or 75g each (the price in the AH was 68g/e. so some quick math shows that if i reposted them and sold them all i would lose about 140g not counting the AH cut. I started breathing hard and drenched the mouse with sweat. I basically had a mini panick attack over 1500g. What if they didnt sell then dropped in price during cata? that was exactly what i was sweating about. Who wants to make a 1500g mistake, yea its a big deal.

A Hero's Story

I thought the best way to really introduce myslef would be to tell of my journey through my realm and how i struggled to become one of the better raiders on server. I hope that i am able to stretch it out into at least two posts so i can add a little suspense.

Wrath of the Lich King was the first expansion that i had reached the level cap on and as you could imagine i had a lot to learn about raiding. My very first level 80 character was my Death Knight whom i had named Xeroaze. I fell in love with the class because it was the first melee class that i actually dedicted time to as my first toon ever was a hunter. On the Xero i had quested my butt off to reach 80 and see what it was all about, once i had reached 80 and finished my training i whispered a dk friend i had about what to do next... explore? He laughed and took me to the target dummies... obviously unimpressed with my current dps we ran heroics every single day (back when you had to fly to them). He taught me my rotation, my spec, and my macros. He mde me fall in love with being better.

My first raid expirience was a tragedy, i was flying around Icecrown doing dailys when i saw a post in /1 about a Naxx25 getting started so my first thought was, 25 people vs a boss must be easier then 10 people vs a boss. I jumped in the raid and accepted my summon. Our first boss was Patchwerk and i got to see how fun it was to wipe on 3 trys. Out of nowhere i got a ton of tells from people saying get your ass in are you doing... do you have vent... i obviously had no idea what vent was and didnt want to get kicked so i simply lied and said i couldnt get it to work. Vent wasnt the only problem that i hd with the raid... apparently my computer couldnt handle 25 spell effects all over my screen so i recieved the barrage of D/Cs. Patchwerk was the last boss that i attempted in that raid. I was kicked because of the QQ, QQ, and QQ.

After wiping up my tears from that horrible raid i only wanted one thing... become one of the best raiders on the alliance. Of course none of those 24 remember me but i remember that raid. It was the event that started the rise of a hero and the growth of my name.