Sunday, January 2, 2011

JMTC Carnival: How I've Made Gold In Cataclysm

I Started Cataclysm with high hopes to make tons of gold, i didnt really get into making gold by playing the AH till about halfway through ICC so most of the markets i could get into were falling knives that i didnt want to catch. I eventually learned patience and was eager to use the knowledge i had gainedi n such a short amount of time.
Going into Cata i only had the items listed in my post Cataclysmic Stockpile and honestly it wasnt as much as i wanted. Well so far I have only gone through 2 bank tabs at the most and i've gained a combined total for my toons 110k in Cataclysm.

Over the duration of cata i have posted almost every way i've made gold

Mysterious Fortune Cards: My absolute favorite way to make gold. I love getting spammed with sold auctions after i use my barks. Some techniques i used to make gold in this area were massively buying cheap herbs to mill and barking a ton as posted in No Wonder My Dog Likes Barking. The most important thing i did in this market was raising the price. I kept the price relatively high around 50g each by planning the buyout of the entire market, i would wait until the majority would expire and i would then buy out the rest of the 48 hour posters and relist at 50-60g. This was very late at night when no other crafters were on, unsuring that i owned the market all night. I noticed that this was prime time for me because all of the fun players were on. I recieved tons of lols on my barks and thats what made this fun.

Glyphs: these were just the normal postings while i focused on cards, i stocked enough ink to push me for a long while and these would normally add a few K to my total daily profits.

Ore: I did some farming when i was bored staring at the AH screen and those would bring in about 180 a stack. I found some key areas to focus on and that really boosted daily profits.

Orbs: I didnt actually sell and epic crafted gear but i did manage to sell all of the orbs i got for 3k each. The customer would give me his mats, i would craft, and he would pay for how many orbs used, simple.

Truegold: The first weekend of Cata i was able to get some Truegold for 500g each! these relisted at 1k. My initial investment was to make epic pieces out of them, but that never happened.

Enchanting Mats: As abyss crystals got cheaper i got more stacks of them :) these easily turned profit via abyssal shatter because infinite dust and greater cosmic essence increased greatly in price.

Recently i have been buying up jaspers at 10g a piece and crafting the jasper rings out of them. the jasper rings DE to 1-3 Hypnotic Dust or 1-3 Lesser Celestial Essence. whenever i would recieve a 1 of soemthing it was really pushing it on profit but more time then not i recieved 2-3 of w/e bringing in more gold.

Stupidity in Netherweave: I sold off all of my bags extremely fast at around 9g each and i am scraping the bottom for cloth. I made the profit i wanted but there have been times when bags were up to 20g and i couldnt be it.

Prospecting: this barely makes me my 2 copper now because of low gem prices but early on this technique was damn good. I was only able to prospect obsidium ore but it was still well worth it. the strategy i used here was buy a stack, prospect it and calculate how much i would make if it all sold. i would then subtract that from what i spent on the stack. If i recieved a negative number, that was the profit. I was very conservative here, only prospecting a few stacks at a time.

Farming: I tried a few farming spots for cloth and volatiles but stuff like that just isnt for me, i always get flustered feeling like im racing a cloak. but if you dont get that feeling your wasting time, and time is money friend.

Setting Goals: I set a constant goal of making 10k every day. If i ever failed to meet that goal i would set a higher one. I have a weekend goal, a weekday goal, and my vacation goal to meet 200k. My vacation ends Wednesday and i am 25k away.

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