Saturday, January 1, 2011

Linking An Item In A Macro

Since I just posted about some creatve barks in trade chat you may be looking around for a way to macro them. If you have already tried yourself you probably failed because you cant shift-click an item into the macro window. I eventually got tired of typing out every post myself so i began searching for way to link an item into a macro. After a few misleading titles and failed attemptes i came across the correct way.

you can easily ctrl c -> ctrl v this into any chat frame in wow:

/run CreateMacro("Test", 6,"[Item Link]", 1,0)

after thats typed out or pasted into your chat you will need to replace [Item Link] with the item you want to link in the macro. If you want mutliple links in the macro then have both inside the ""

the next step is to go into your macros under character specific and re title / re icon your macro.
you will find that the only text in the macro is/are the link(s). To make this trade ready all you must do is have /2(space) in front and then insert the text you want around the linked item
Be sure not to delete the linked item or you will have to start again.


  1. This does work. If you don't think it works it's probably because you're looking in the "GENERAL MACROS TAB". There are two macro tabs. When you open up your macro tab you see GENERAL MACROS, you need to click CHARACTER SPECIFIC MACROS.

    I just hope there was a way to create an item link in the general tab.