Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recognition: What's Next?

Yesterdays post Top Up-and-Coming Blogs by mageshadow at JMTC left me exstatic and in aw at how many of you took the time to follow the link over here. Hopefully you have all found quality material and will continue to check out my posts. I would also like to make a call out to all you gold goblins out their to send an email to myself at with your amazing unique gold ideas. If you would like to have your's posted here for the World of Warcraft world to see give me your ideas! I am still playing around with the idea of a question of the week section/post but i need some faithful commenters. let me know what you think.

this is mainly directed to the new viewers that saw me through JMTC but any can respond....
Question of the Post: When your browser first uploaded my page and you searched around, what was the most appealing feature on my site? or simply what do you like the most?


  1. You have a good header and the blue tones are nice. Congrats on JMTC giving you props. Hopefully I'll be there someday, feel free to check me out at

  2. I enjoy the layout of your site. It's nice and easy to follow the flow around the site. The header is nice and creative.