Saturday, February 5, 2011

Invest In Your Friends

Since Cataclysm i have been using a specific friend of mine to cut gems that i dont have the cuts for. I always have her link her stuff and i always have her cut a large amount. I make sure that when it's time to by a pattern for myself that its not one that she has. This enables me to spread my market out further, invest into more ore to prospect, and make more gold. After a while of doing this without ever tipping, i really started to feel like i was taking advantage of someones kindness. She has made me so much gold that i wouldn't have had until i could get the cuts myself.

A few days ago i had her cut roughly 40 gems and decided that my taking and taking was enough. So while she was standing there cutting these gems i ran to the auction house, and bought a Chopper. If characters in game could pass out from excitement, her's definatly would have.

why...? Because WoW isn't just about having gold. Because i now see that sharing wealth is a great feeling, especially when it can turn someones crappy day into a great one.

I didnt lose any gold....  how? because everytime i ask her to cut some gems for me she will remember that i spent 15,000 gold on her as a gift, and i garuntee that by the end of Cata she will have easily paid for that chopper.

So instead of tipping your friends with a little bit of gold when they help you make gold, tip them a chopper or a rare pet if you think they will stick around long enough to make it back. The most important thing about using your friends to make gold is, don't use them to make items to sell that they also sell.

i am also still looking for a way create a drop down menu tab so i can put up all my profession guides.

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  1. I would love to cut some gems for you. Or smelt. Or maybe you need some potions? Just say the word.


    That qualifies as a Random Act of Kindness. Your friend wasn't random but the act itself was.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. awwwww, that is so nice of you :)

  3. Can I cut some Gems for you? lol JK.

    She probalby fainted in real life, I would have.