Monday, December 6, 2010

Cataclysmic Stockpile. What? Why?

I will try to make this post as short as possible because i know you are all running around like chickens with your head cut off awaiting the arrival of the end of the world of warcraft. I'll break this guide down into all the main items i have stockpiled and why i think they will make me gold.

Saronite Ore:
this is my largest stock pile for many reasons. I bought every stack i own at below smelted vendor price, which made this a no-risk investment. I have a maxed Alch, JC, Enchanter, and Blacksmith so i own all sides of the saronite shuffle. If saronite ore jumps up in price i will have the ability to simply re-sell. If Titanium bars increase in price due to the mats of choppers i have the option to smelt a few and transmute. If the price of infinite dust shoots up from chanting levelers reaching northrend i will have the ability to prospect the ore, make into jc rings and necks, then disenchant to sell. I currently have 5 1/2 guild bank tabs of saronite ore... all under vendor price of bars.

Ink of the Sea:
this was my hit or miss investment. I chose this investment for a few reasons as well. If the prices of glyphs jumped incredibly i now have a large stock to keep up with it after all IotS is the largest used ink. The inks will also be good to resell that way because script levelers will have to pass through that stage to get to cata inks and because cata herbs will be new, those inks and herbs will be very expensive and will most likely not be traded in to Jessica Sellers. The high demand and low supply creates a huge spike in both wrath herbs and wrath ink. I also didnt lose very much gold in this investment because i was able to sell off the snowfall ink enabling me to make IotS at 35s each. I have 1 1/2 bank tabs full of IotS.

Eternals & Green Wrath Gems
This was another No-risk investment because the rings and necklaces vendor higher then the price of mats to make them. As with the saronite shuffle if infinite dust increases in price i can easily craft and DE at my will. I have enough stocked to make over 3,000 rings/necklaces which can range from 12,000 - 21,000 infinite dust and 3,000-4,000 greater cosmic essence.

For glyphs i cleared out a bank tab, printed off the most popular glyphs in all categories (minor, prime, major) from and slowly went threw the list crafting 20 of each glyph, i filled all the bank spaces with 20 of each and if you figure that they all sell for 30g+ i will make roughly 55,000g from that bank tab alone. i thought it better to be safe then sorry so i also filled another tab of various inks all following the ratio //// IotS 6 // Ethereal 4 // Lion's 3 // Midnight 3 // Jadefire 2 // Celestial 1 // Shimmering 1 //// i obviously scale this to meet the tab space.

Im putting ore as one section because i varied my purchases. I stocked thorium, cobalt, adamantite, fel iron, mithril, copper, and tin. I know that all of them will rise in price because the demand for all of the ore will surpass the supply. Even though people talk of the node spawn changes or the large amounts of players farming.. it still will not matter.

Netherweave Bag:
It seemed common sense that i would want to jump into this market because all new players need bags, even if they were able to get their hands on the faction ones they would still have to wait till around level 30 before there rep allowed them to buy. Most players would rather just buy bags now at level 1 then have to wait until rep was high enough. Every day i bring in 1,000g from selling these and i expect cata to bring a larger profit. i have the mats to craft thousands of these.

Enchanting Mats:
When i leveled my Enchanter i met a few areas where i met a shortage in the amount of mats i recieved from tailoring, this shortage mainly came when i reached the outlands and a little before it. The exact reason was Alterac Valley. There was no sense in spending all of my time questing when i could level three times as fast on an AV weekend. No questing meant no mob killing... no mob killing meant no cloth, and no cloth meant no enchanting mats, finally no enchanting mats meant no enchanting levels. Now that AV level requirements have lowered to 45 you can expect to see the price increase for enchanting mats around that area. I also already talked about my stash of wrath dust and essences but i have also been buying cheap cheap ones also.

I feel like i am going to receive a barrage of comments on this one because iv'e read so much about no no no to cloth. Well like i posted before with the level requirements of AVchanged you wil not only see less on the AH but you will also see prices rise because the people leveling via AV who are tailors/enchanters will still need their cloth. Winters Veil is also shortly after which greatly increases the demand for cloth. So we will be having and explosive scarcity of cloth because new players/toons need their achievements so it brings an outside force into the cloth industry, not only do tailors/enchanters need it, now everyone and their grandma need cloth.

I invested into every herb that is used heavily in both alch and inscription. The reason for inscription is because people need glyphs, people need to level inscriptioning, and people dont want to buy overpriced cata ink to level to 425, they want to use the cheapest quickest method and that is to buy their path. The price of cata herbs/ink will create the threshold for other herb prices, but that threshold will be very high, so expect herb prices for the main/rarer inks to increase. Even though there are a ton of node spawns that will still not bring the market to meet equilibrium. when wrath came out people still bought saronite ore even though you couldnt fly around the basin without a yellow dot on your map.

i didnt do much investing here but its worth noting that i increased sales on the dalaran vendor pets once the portals were taken away.

I bought all cheap leather for the reason of... Inflation is like a wave. The curled part of the wave is the peak or the "best time to sell" // in the trail of the wave "where the curled part once was" is inflated. All of the levelers, skinners and LW have gone through that phase (for example: light leather) and rose the prices because demand out weighed supply (more people needed leather then farmed it). even though the initial wavespike is gone there are still the few who trail behind which keeps the market at a steady level. My Theory of this is: i took my 100g and put it into light leather. i sold some of it during the wavespike and then sold the rest during the wavetrail. what i did was inflated my 100g into 300g by storing it as light leather. The amount of gold in WoW will increase because of increased quest rewards ect. what this does is increase the price of every item in the AH. the gold sitting on your character wont increase with inflation by just sitting thier, you make it increase by investing it... when the inflation happens you then have increased the amount of gold you took into Cata.

I will do a follow up of this post once i have started sales and let you all know how i did in each category. Thanks for checkin me out. Please leave comments! :)


  1. Every post i read about stockpiling makes me feel so small fry :)

    Many of the things you have here i have but on a much smaller scale apart i have a load of Titanium ore.

    Fingers crossed for us all but on the majority of things we are going to get our money back.

  2. Geeze - how can you call that short? There's so much on the list! You stockpiled a lot of stuff, and must have had a lot of gold to sink into all that.

    Was it profit or fear of inflation that motivated such a large-scale investment?