Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jewlcrafting Gold Guide

By popular demand from the many emails i decided to make Jewlcrafting my next guide. The purpose of these guides is to only use the specific profession to make gold. So it is much easier to relate to for the readers who dont have every profession available.


Making gold with this profession is very easy when utilized with others but you can still make profit with these:

Prospecting: Before you do this you will want to check the prices of all raw Cata gems and the price of Elementium Ore and Obsidium Ore. You can find the average of all the uncommon gems by adding their prices together and dividing by 6. Now mutiply the average by 4 to find your minimum. By this is mean roughly the lowest amount you will recieve from prospecting because you will always get at least 4 gems per stack of ore. When buying ore be sure to consider that you normally recieve about 6 gems from a stack.
If any uncommon cata gem sells for around 9 gold. Be sure to cut them youself and just vendor them!

Cutting: Assuming you have SW JC Tokens from doing the dailys you will need to buy some cuts. If you are just starting out with new cuts, I suggest investing into Inferno Ruby and Ocean Sapphire cuts. If you only have the tokens to buy a few cuts. Check the AH to see which of the 2 sell the best. You will want to compare prices of the uncuts to the cuts. For example if Ocean Sapphire raw sells for 20g and cuts sell for 100g youll make a rough 80g profit. If Ruby raw sells for 100g each and the cuts are 140g each you'll make only a 40g profit. Even though Inferno Ruby cuts sell at a higher price you wont be making as much as Ocean Sapphire cuts.

After you have bought your first cut and shopping for your second, be sure not to buy one using the same Rare gem. This easily diversifys the markets you are in and if you are buying the Rares to cut you wont run out of stock as easily.

I will make guides that involve the use of JC and other professions so stay tuned :)

PS if anyone has great knowledge on creating drop down tabs I would love some help so i can get my recent profession guides up there.


  1. Nice post idea, and good comments.

    As I'm just starting out with JC and SW dailies I wanted to make a comment on buying that first cut. My suggestion is to buy ore and prospect, craft and DE every day, sell what you can. Save your uncommon gems until you have done enough dailies to buy a cut.

    Even though you get 40g per sale on Inferno Ruby vs. 100g on Ocean Sapphire (using your example) if you have 5 Inferno Rubies and only one Ocean Sapphire when you are ready to buy a cut you may want to buy the lower profit cut b/c you have volume--at least that is what I plan to do. 5 sales at 40g profit > 1 sale at 100g profit.

    Otherwise great post, keep it up.

  2. I will send over the code as I have another email to send you over tomorrow


  3. Hey Xeroaze,

    I blogged something similar to this and on my server, big point as always, my server I found that the PvP gems were really selling well. Willful, Resplendent and lucent Ember Topaz's were outselling all my other gems. If your server has a strong pop and PvP base I would definately check this avenue out. My server is mainly a PvE one fyi.