Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10k One Day

i have never been a huge gold maker, i only reached my 150k mark by simply saving my gold and nomally focusing on the "hot" proffesion. i had noticed that this last saturday my gold making was starting to raise so i set a goal for myself... Make 10k on Sunday. I achieved this victory and then some by spreading my markets out. I would normally go about my normal routine by posting some glyphs, some bags, and some ore but i knew there was more i could do. and here's what i did:

Glyphs: I did my normal routine of posting every glyph that was priced above 20g. This is just a steady market normally making about 2-3k a day.
Mysterious Fortune Cards: I jumped into this market late Saturday night when i realized that i only have to be 450 Inscription to learn it. I made some decent sales Saturday night but come Sunday i was prepared. I barked like a dog all day and raked in about about 4.5 - 5k. I was lucky enough to find a gambling addict to blow all his gold on me. He broke about even recieving the highest card i have personally seen (1k).
Netherweave Bags: I ran out of cloth and bolts during this venture andit seems that everyone else did as well because prices now are 25g each bag. But i did bring in about 500g on selling bags.
Enchanting Mats: I DEd some of the rings and necklaces that i made with green wrath gems and sold off all the mats. Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essences were a no show on sunday except for my posts. I made around 1.5k here.
Prospecting Ore: the night before i had bought out all of the obsidium ore for under 70g a stack (normally 100g) and prospected it all in the morning. The best part about this was that one nightstone would pay for the entire stack and left everything else as pure profit. I also tried my luck with prospecting Adamantite ore. The powder sold decently and the gems were gone within the hour. I made about 2-3k here.
Obsidium Ore: When i was away from the game but at the computer i camped a section in Uldam that spawns four nodes at a time. I got about 10 stacks and sold them all for 150 gold. Combining that with the sales from the Volatiles i made about 1.75k.Those were the main items i sold, there were a few misc. items such as eggs and old cloth, plus some of the cata cloth. I was surprised to find that a few old enchanting scrolls sold as well.

The importance of this post wasnt to show you what to sell, when to sell, or how much to sell, it was explain one weekend day that i spent hardcore AH farming and what it led to. When i say "what it led to" i dont mean making over 10k in one day... i mean setting a goal, striving for it, and shattering it. Every day this week i have made made 3-6k more then my average and i blame it all on that Sunday. I gained confidence, knowledge, and momentum that substantially raised my daily gold average and i suggest that you all try the same.

For beginners hit every market as hard as you can for 5 hours during one day and see what you produce. Don't count the quick hitters in your results such as epic pieces or rare patterns. You want to first establish the daily routine that you can rely on.

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  1. very nice work i have just started getting into Ah playing and decided to Farm Whiptails from 2am till 6am so 3 hours farming i got around 1600 whiptails and around 450 Volatile Lifes

    first thing i did was posted around 10 stacks of Lifes on Ah in stacks of 20 because ah only had stacks on 1 for 24g each

    with my whiptails i decided to send a private message to the only 2 players on our server making darkmoon cards within 1 hour i had got a message and we setup a deal 27k for 1600 whiptails and 200 life i did this then did some ah checking on highest selling herb kinda shocked that it was twilight jasmines i decided to go farm some got around 150 an hour and did this for 2/3 hours in total i had 437 i had a few in bank so decided to round it up to 500 and sell for 400g a stack and made around 9k

    i started cata with 24k gold i now have 114k gold and this was my biggest day selling
    now the prices are starting to drop i now post most of my herbs at 1am and around half of them sell by the morning and price has dropped around 500g

    iv started to make a spread sheet (scan ah around 5 times a day) and with herbs and ore and a few selected items on my list i have lowest price and highest price per day for each item and try and sell at highest point in the day atm it seems around 5pm and 8am are the best selling times for myself

    iv set a goal of gold cap by end of expansion