Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Critical Profession Points

If you still have yet to crack through the 450 barrier of your professions, the time now is better then ever. There is a slight slump in the price of mats so get leveling! I composed a list of the professions i use and what level you need to get them to to add some extra profit everyday.

Inscription: There were a few key points here. The easiest level being 450, at 450 you can learn to create Mysterious Fortune Card. If you havent lready read thousands of posts about these they basically spread their wings and fly of the AH before you finish posting them. Its a profit margin of about 20+ gold each card.

To go along with the Mysterious Fortune Cards, you may want to level up to 475 where you can create Inferno Ink. If you obtain blackfallow ink from milling then you'll have a lot of Burning Embers. They dont sell well as pigment but the inks do. This basically increases your profit margin on cards because you are buying stacks of herbs for cheaper.

Jewlcrafting: The main profits from JC at the moment are selling raw gems from prospecting. You can easily start at level 450 and prospect Obsidium Ore and the next step would be 475 to prospect Elementium. If you want to guarantee profit look at stack prices and gem prices, if the lowest cost for a gem is above 25% of a stack of ore then you will net proft. (Stack of ore / 4) < Price of raw gem  = profit

Alchemy: If you've read over trade a few times you ould probably think that you need to get into truegold as soon as possible! but that's not quite the case. I found that if i were to buy the mats for transmuting i would make more profit by using Transmute: Living Elements which is only level 485. Leveling passed is great but this is where you will generate your extra profit.

Tailoring: Honestly i havent found anything good here other then epic patterns but you must be 525 and have unlocked them. Enchants are ok but havent been worth the cost of leveling. I'm open to all suggestions here.

Blacksmithing: The first hit here was Elementium Rod learned at level 475. These soon fell below the cost of mats to make them so i really only snagged a few hundred gold here. The next point is where you get the starter PvP gear, then of course epics.

Leatherworking: Roughly the same as tailoring, make some enchants and test them out. Not an explosive profit maker.

Enchanting: There also arent very many solid gold making enchants either because the price of mats is inflated right now and there arent very many people raiding because pugs arent common yet. Expect the mat cost to lower and enchant price to rise when more people have been opened up to content.

Ill keep updates posted on each profession because i soon expectgreat things to come from the gear crafters.

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