Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Long Run

Today was the first day of arena season! This also meant that rated battlegrounds have come available. If you havent already been selling the crafted PvP sets WTF aRe YoU dOiNg? i know that a main thing that is stopping people from leveling their blacksmithing, tailoring, or leatherworking are the cost of the mats. Now let me tell you how i softened the blow.

So i was really afraid to invest all of this gold into my blacksmithing on Xero because i was pretty sure that he prices would drop soon enough and i would just catch up. I alos knew that arena season was starting today and that many players were going to buy the full starter sets and get a huge jump on rating/bgs so i broke down and leveled my BS. /cry it cost over 100g a level.. average.

I was feeling a little drained about spending a large portion of savings until i remembered that all this junk gear that will never sell could be DEd. This greatly softened the blow by about 40g a level. I am so glad that i leveled BS to the starter PvP sets because now i cant keep these babies in stock. They have all sold for over 3k each and in the first few hours of posting i have almost broken even.

Its definatly not too late for you to level your crafting profession up and net a decent profit, plus you will be one of the first to have access to newer patterns because i'm sure spending gold is what has stopped so many people from attempting to level.

Let me know how your crafting profession has been with the first day of real PvP in the comments section below.

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