Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weekend Spenders

With the fallout of WotLK of the rise of Cata you may have forgotten your old gold making tactics. This coming weekend will be the first weekend of Cataclysm so be prepared to see a lot of items being posted on the auction house for cheap (the more posters, the further the price goes down). Most of the players you are going to be dealing with will be younger then most playing now, this can potentially mean they want to sell all there stuff fast! and dont understand the concept of "holding." I recommend /who the person posting and whispering them if they are willing to sell any cheaper. Don't be afraid to invest your money into cheap cheap mats because they will most likely go back up during the week day for the large remainder of players maxing their professions. Please leave comments or send over an email on how you are making money this expansion, also for any bloggers out there im looking to expand my blog role. Let me know if you are interested in exchanging.

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