Saturday, December 4, 2010

AH Search

My old snatch list used to be a pen and paper next to the keyboard and i would just manually type in every single product i wanted to check for deals. My snatch list gradually increased and i got fed up with it when i started controlling the flask market. I would be in heated wars over dominancy of this market and i'd have to manually type the name of all 3 just to check if i had been undercut.

i started my search, looking for an addon that i couldquickly check the price of one items and move on to the next without having to fumble threw spelling errors. after trying many i came apon AH Search. what this addon does is adds a forward and back button under the search panel of the auction house. of course it doesnt work like the forward and back buttons of your web browser, but what it does do is enables you to easily clik through a list, made by you. working along side auctioneer and its ability to so the cheapest % of the item you are able to have a snatch list in the style of the regular auction house screen. i personally like this better then my pen and paper snatch list and auctioneers snatch list.

I like it because its not only a snatch list but it greatly helps you control your market in the heat of battle, no more achey fingers for a few extra gold.

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