Friday, December 3, 2010

A Hero's Story

I thought the best way to really introduce myslef would be to tell of my journey through my realm and how i struggled to become one of the better raiders on server. I hope that i am able to stretch it out into at least two posts so i can add a little suspense.

Wrath of the Lich King was the first expansion that i had reached the level cap on and as you could imagine i had a lot to learn about raiding. My very first level 80 character was my Death Knight whom i had named Xeroaze. I fell in love with the class because it was the first melee class that i actually dedicted time to as my first toon ever was a hunter. On the Xero i had quested my butt off to reach 80 and see what it was all about, once i had reached 80 and finished my training i whispered a dk friend i had about what to do next... explore? He laughed and took me to the target dummies... obviously unimpressed with my current dps we ran heroics every single day (back when you had to fly to them). He taught me my rotation, my spec, and my macros. He mde me fall in love with being better.

My first raid expirience was a tragedy, i was flying around Icecrown doing dailys when i saw a post in /1 about a Naxx25 getting started so my first thought was, 25 people vs a boss must be easier then 10 people vs a boss. I jumped in the raid and accepted my summon. Our first boss was Patchwerk and i got to see how fun it was to wipe on 3 trys. Out of nowhere i got a ton of tells from people saying get your ass in are you doing... do you have vent... i obviously had no idea what vent was and didnt want to get kicked so i simply lied and said i couldnt get it to work. Vent wasnt the only problem that i hd with the raid... apparently my computer couldnt handle 25 spell effects all over my screen so i recieved the barrage of D/Cs. Patchwerk was the last boss that i attempted in that raid. I was kicked because of the QQ, QQ, and QQ.

After wiping up my tears from that horrible raid i only wanted one thing... become one of the best raiders on the alliance. Of course none of those 24 remember me but i remember that raid. It was the event that started the rise of a hero and the growth of my name.

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  1. Xero Xero, Lol you've come a long way from that naxx group.. Best of luck with your blog bro.

    " what's vent? I simply lied " LMAO