Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prospection Inspection

As you have most likely read all over the web, prospection is the new fad... that not many are paying much attention to. Every day I expirement with the uncut gem market/prospecting, doing math on my calculator and taking notes. I normally dont do more then 3 stacks of ore because i'm not a huge risk taker, especially in a market that is so risky. I say this market is risky because nobody can really tell when it is going to even out and/or at what price. One day a gem is selling for 120g then the next day its down to 30g wtf? The newer markets can jump a lot early on depending on how many people go out and farm at a specific time.

Enough rambling... as i was saying i have been doing small expirements with the gem market. I buy up a few stacks of Obsidium Ore (because my JC is level 71 and cant go higher then 450 atm) then simply prospect them. I dont know if it's this way with other players but i recieve 2 gems more often then i recieve only one... this turns out to be insane profit for me because i can normally make about 1k gold off of only 2 stacks of ore. Now let me show you a few numbers to crunch

My last test:
2x20 Obsidium Ore // Cost: 232g

Prospect Results:
x2 Nightstone // Current AH Price: 100g each
x2 Jasper // Current AH Price: 75g each
x2Carnelian // Current AH Price: 40g each
x2 Hassonite // Current AH Price: 69g each
x3 Alicite // Current AH Price: 24g each blah!
x2 Zephyrite // Current AH Price: 34g each
x1 Ember Topaz // Current AH Price: 45g each also blah!


    (753g worth of uncut gems)
 - (232g of investment)
     521g (not counting AH cut)

so in a few minutes i turned 250g into roughly 750g, and not having to worry about being stuck with over-priced uncut gems because almost all of my posts sold within the hour. I didnt post the Ember Topaz or the alicite because i knew that the price would rise again. With the few days ive spent watching this market i have learned that there can be a 100g jump in price once a leveling JC comes along.

Please post your earning through prospecting in the comments section below, also still looking to expand my blog roll and to show up on others' as well.

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  1. Before the nerf to the nodes in deepholm i made over 10k on prospecting and selling uncut green gems. When the nerfed the ores spawn, the prices skyrocketed and it was no longer possible to make a living prospecting. Ores goes for 400g pr stack at my server now:S