Monday, December 13, 2010

Infinite Profit

The need for wrath mats has finally come. What has happened was this: when Cataclysm hit there were still many players with WotLK mats and they frantically tried to sell them. Well when those stock piles ran dry there are still people that need to level their professions. the stock running dry created a lower supply and a higher demand. Which, in turn, raises the price.

I just noticed the spike in price for infinite dust and greater cosmic essence, lucky for me, i have a large supply of rings/necklaces to DE. Over a few days the normally price (25-30g) a stack has increased to amounts around 90g a stack! I have been selling out on every stack i post. I highly recommend looking out for cheap wrath gems/eternal earth and cheap abyss crystals.

To give you a little more understanding on how well these babies are doing... i have 1 1/2 guid bank tabs full of them... all gone in 2 days.

let me know how your doing on enchanting mats sales in an email or the comments section below!

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