Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crafting Gold: Chaos Orb Edition

If you’re a maxed crafter or plan on becoming a maxed crafter then you will defiantly want to start running heroic dungeons to acquire Chaos Orb from the last boss. These orbs are used to make all epic crafted gear and some higher level blues. Chaos orbs will be a large factor in the price to sell these epics because if someone wants an epic piece crafted they can’t just give the crafter the mats and receive the item; they have to hope that they can find a crafter who actually has an orb.
I’m using my maxed Blacksmithing as an example below
Price Factors:
Skill Level: At this point in time there aren’t many players who have maxed BS because of how much initial investment it is.
Player Level: Someone could easily take their alt that has a crafting profession and max him (you only have to be 75). But to even gain the ability to buy the pattern they have to have unlocked the first area of the twilight highlands which would make them around level 84.
Pattern: If you take that small pool of people who have maxed their BS and quested through the first area of the Twilight Highlands you can then narrow It down even more because not all of them have the particular epic pattern as it costs 2 stacks of elementium ore (20 elementium bars). On my server elementium ore goes for 180g a stack so the cost of the pattern would be 360g.
Orb: Now you have your handful of players who have maxed BS and also own the specific pattern. The final factor is that that player has to have a chaos orb which is acquired from the last boss in heroic difficulty aanndd they also have to win the roll against 4 other people who have no idea what it is but they want it. Note: Some epic pieces cost more than one chaos orb
Overall Requirements: Level 85, Maxed Blacksmithing, Unlocked Twilight Highlands, Acquired the pattern, completed a Heroic, Won required amount of chaos orb(s).
All of these things have an effect on the price of the specific crafted item. For someone to get a crafted epic they have to find someone with all of the above requires, so we are looking at a very small few. If you happen to be one of these few or plan on being one of these few, there will be a lot of gold to be made. The mats to make the epic healing/shaman shield cost me about 5.5k gold and I project that I can sell it for up to 30k gold maybe even more.
Final Suggestions: If you are going to make an epic piece I suggest starting out advertising in trade before you have made it. If you get a bite you can always go buy the mats in the AH, craft the piece, and complete the transaction. Be sure to add up the cost of the mats before selling, just so you know where to set your price.
Non-Crafters and Orbs:
For all of the non-crafters who run heroics, if you aren’t running with any crafter friends you should go ahead and need on the item because there is always the chance that Blizzard will change it to the structure like that of the Frozen Orb. If chaos orb is ever tradable the initial price will be high because people can now purchase all of the mats required to make the piece instead of trying to find a crafter who has an orb.


  1. Excellent Post. It's rough for those of us with multiple characters covering all professions and even harder on players that like to have a gathering and a crafting profession on each character.

  2. I'm jealous of your server if you can sell the Elementium Stormshield for 30k. On my server chaos orbs have come down very rapidly in price to be worth about 1-2k each (by "worth" I mean the sale value of the crafted item above and beyond the cost of the other mats).

    One thing I do take issue with is I think it's kind of a jerk move to roll need on chaos orbs if you don't have any professions that can use them "just in case" Blizzard changes the way they work. You're likely screwing somebody over who can actually use it now. :(

  3. I 100% agree with Xandamere. There is no excuse that an individual on a non-maxed (or near maxed) crafter toon should be rolling Need on Chaos Orbs, UNTIL Blizzard makes said change. Doing so only would yield two results (1) you look like an arse for yanking an orb from someone who could actually use it (2) you are creating, in effect, a high price for orbs, as non-crafters are ninja'ing them. This results in higher prices on crafted gear.