Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Less Then Expected?

I'm positive that most servers are the same and that most people arent really making a ton of profit like they thought they would. If the picutre in your head was, "im gonna make 3x the gold i invested the first day!" then you are wrong. You must realize that Cata wasnt downloaded by the entire world, tons of people are waiting for the weekend or even getting it for christmas. The gold will come if you wait patiently. When people undercut you on products you signed your WoW life away on just remember that whatever it is will most likely sell fast.

I posted a bunch of netherweave bags last night at 7gm, 9g, 12g, 14g and 19g... none of them sold when i checked my mail at 7a.m. but when i got home at 3p.m. i had sold all of them up to 19g. The market jumped a large amount over the day and netted me a 500g profit... i wish i would have posted more.

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