Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cataclysm, Practically Mining Gold!

You would think the most conventional way to mine in Cata would simply be to find a route, stick with it, and mine... well depending on how packed your server is you can make a pretty penny mining mobs. YES I SAID MOBS! Once you make your way to Deepholm there are mobs by the horde ship crash site just south of the starting spot, that you can easily mine. Just like skinning, people have to fully loot the mob. These earth elementals are called Deepstone Elemental and drop any combo of 43S grey, 1-2 Obsidium Ore, and 1-2 Volatile Earth when you mine them. If you happen to be there when a ton of people are questing that area you can rake in a ton of ore or volatiles which sell very well in the AH (depending on server). If your luck is good and the place is packed expect to make a lot of gold here. Luck has a large factor as you normally come up with the greys, but its well worth the look.

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