Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How I Made My Big Cata Profit

If you have been paying any attention to the market recently you would know that not many items went way up in price or sell really well if they did. I started out cata leveling and mining along the way. Before i even shipped out to hyjal i snagged some deals on Obsidium Ore and smelted them into bars which requires 2 ore. I posted those up for roughy 6 times the price of the ore, meaning 3 times the price of the 2 required. The minute i left for hyjal, boom all gone. That netted me an easy 2k gold. I then quested for a few hours always selecting the highest profit BoPs from the quests and vendoring them... the items alone gave me another 400g plus all of the quests ranged from 4-9 gold. Every once in a while I would find a few mining nodes which would drop anywhere from 2-4 ore and sometimes even a green. Little did i know, until the next day, all of the greens i picked up would sell for over 100g each... i got 5 of them. So in the first day i made over 4k in a few hours on one toon. Not too bad, but im really hoping to sell off my stockpile. Please leave comments or send in an email the way you made gold on your first day!


  1. Tried for realm first mining, made a major mistake in not grabbing Flight Master's Plan when I should have. Ended up missing the achievement for realm first by 15 mins or so. Listed 12 stacks of Elementium for roughly 1400g per, listed all my volatiles as well. Logged off at 4:15. At 6 am, checked my auctions before hopping in the shower for work. All elementium sold netting me a cool 16,800 before AH fees. I was a very happy miner!

  2. Well my server fails - I went out mining and had my ore listed up on the AH for 2 days and it was the cheapest and id didn't sell so i prospected it all to lvl my JC and Enchanting

  3. Welp, my plan worked. With the mining maps i posted on a different thread, I just farmed and farmed for the first couple days. And boy, was my time off work well spent!

    Here's my story. Before cata went live, i had about 1.5-2k gold. I was DESTINED to make some mad money come this expansion. So, I used that money to buy netherweave cloth, saronite ore, titanium ore, and Eternals.

    I made an even 100 netherweave bags, and sold them all by the second day for 12-14 gold each. they had about 5g worth of mats each. so almost 300% profit on those. I wish i had made a lot more.

    As for all of the Saronite and Titanium ore im saving that for either the 2nd or 3rd week of Cata release. Because thats about the time that old WotLK mats are gonna be running low. which means time to make a hefty profit. oh, as well as the eternals.

    BUT!!! Here is where i made my killing. As of RIGHT NOW, im at 34k gold. I have never owned more than 7k gold ever, and I made all of this in the First 2 Days! I went mining and herb gathering on my druid. I chose him simply for the fact that he gathers both ore and herbs and being a Tauren i gather herbs very quickly and dont have to dismount from bird form to gether herbs.

    Obsidium ore was selling for around 900 gold a stack because of how little there is spawning. also some nodes in Hyjal were bugged. Elementium ore was seling for 300-400 gold a stack. Then all the volatiles were selling pretty decent at about 30g a piece. (not worth 30g a piece but it was fun!) The Hyjal herbs were selling for about 120 gold a stack. But the CRAZIEST sale i had was an Elementium Geode. I found it within the first couple of hours of live, and it took be about 1 hour to sell in trade chat. 10k gold! can you believe it?

    anyway, i had the time of my life making gold this expansion, and by no means am i done. I am shooting for 50k. i choose 50k because half of that is what its going to cost me for the "Vial of the Sands" then i will still be at a nice 24-25k.