Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Hero's Story (3)

I left off my last post about my journey through WoW with the joining of <The Exiles>. I few days in to the exiles i was giving the chance to tank their 25 man and become a permanent tank for one of their 10s. My performance must have sparked their interests because i soon became the OT for their most progressed 10 man, working in heroics.

Note: This is a continuation of my introduction, i wanted to show all of my readers the raider side of me and how i'm able to sustain my raiding passion with my Gold making tactics. My story is full of WoW drama and i am open to any suggestions about the structure. Please enjoy my WoW Life and how i became one of the top raiders on my server.

The story with this group is decently long. Before i was there there were two main 10 man groups. One was run by the Guild leader and one was just hanging by a thread. The Guild leader's group was stuck on regular sindragosa and the crappy group was near festergut (lol). The resto druid in the crappy group brought her boyfriend to terokkar to lead the group. He eventually lead the group through all of the regular bosses including sindragosa. The guild leader's group was still stuck on sindragosa as the other group passed them in progession.. then downed the LK... then downed 5 heroic bosses. Can you imagine how ticked off you would be if you were the leader of the top group in your guild then to have some server transferred scrub lead a group and pass your progression? Protsauce, the heroic group leader, was outcast, treated like dirt. The jealousy of the "main" group was so high that any achievement earned by Prot's group during a raid night silenced guild chat.

This is where i came in. My first raid there was with the guild leader's group... nothing special. My second raid week i hoped on the Prot train and killed some heroic bosses. I progressed with this group to eventually kill the Lich King and 7 heroic bosses. By the time i had full 264 we were bored will our horrible 25 team and it's horrible leaders. So the 10 of us broke apart and formed a new guild, a better guild, <Ascendant>.
Here i became an officer and we organized a great 25 man that made progress over <The Exiles> our first raid. At this point in time, i was the #1 Death Knight Tank on server. I had the most progression, the highest gearscore at 6092, and by far the most skill. I was still rolling as a Frost Tank, one of the only ones left in existence. everything was perfect until the day i logged on to find that Protsauce had switched to horde.

This crippled our guild... our guild leader server transferred shortly after and left myself and Rakshaa as GM's. I rose to this task, i re-did the website, the guild rules, the guild ranks, the guild bank, and our future goals. Along with guild ranks we assigned new officers and started raiding again from scratch. I was the leader, i had all the expirience.

My face hit a brick wall once again. Rakshaa's wife, who we appointed an officer, slowly destroyed my guild. I didn't know it at the time but she was the one who caused Protsauce to leave. She was a crazy stalker who played all day and lived to start drama. Every officer complained about her but since her husband was the GM with the power nothing was done. We had vent arguements and eventually led to her leaving the guild.

We were all relieved until she came into one of our vent meetings to cuss us all out. I had that feelin that somethign bad would happen that night. When i logged on the next day she was back in the guild at officer status and i had been demoted. I no longer could talk in /o or control anything. The minute i complained in guild chat... she kicked me. But she recieved her own slap in the face when over 20 people left after that.

I started my next journey with <Archives>. they were more of a trollish raiding guild but they made progress.

At this point in time my progression was 7/12 H ICC10 and 10/12 Reg ICC25. I had been in 4 different guilds (Ascendant counting as 2). and all had crumbled after my leave. So far i had a path of destructio nipping at my heels, and i couldn't stop it.

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