Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Wonder My Dog Likes Barking

You've seen a thousand posts about making money with Mysterious Fortune Cards, well this is just another one... But wait! dont go! I'm going to expand on Cold's Barking Tips and his barking post. The last few days i have really gotten into creative barking and here's why. Several people laugh at my posts and that increases the attention, which increases sales, which increases profit. Also i many people have told me that they buy extra cards simply because i take the time to type all of my barks and because they are creative. As a matter of fact people buy my cards over the undercutters just because i bark. I love barking. Here's some of the barks that i like to use and normally think of on the spot:
Note: some of these are for a mature audience and are great for trade lols

Look at your hand, back at me, now ive got it. Its an auction of that thing you love [Mysterious Fortune Card]! Look the cards are now gold! anything is possible when you buy on the ah ... im on a seahorse...

Did you know that women prefer [Mysterious Fortune Card] for their men 1 bajillion times more then other WoW items. Did you know that im riding this seahorse backwards? Hiya!

Scooby Doo solves [Mysterious Forune Card] Mysteries all the time! and so could you, simply buy, flip, and solve the mystery. You could win [Fortune Card]!

Do you wish you could be around sweaty girls all day like Richard Simmons? Well if you win [Fortune Card] from [Mysterious Fortune Card] in the AH, you can!

Are you lonely? Are you sittin in a beanbag chair naked eatin cheetos? Well get off your rump and flip some [Mysterious Fortune Card]s on the AH and buy some clothes!

If you are underage and wish you could gamble, nows your chance! [Mysterious Fortune Card] on the AH can win you [Fortune Card]. Turn that fake money into more fake money!

Never fear [Mysterious Fortune Card] is here! You could be rolling in gold! Winner Winner Worgen Dinner!

Do you wish you had more gold? Are you willing to do anything to get it? [Mysterious Fortune Card] on the AH could make your dreams come true if your lucky.

Do you feel sexual satisfaction when you play the lotto? Well grab an orgy at the AH with [Mysterious Fortune Card]. You could win [Fortune Card] thats a huge load!

be sure to comment your lols and which you like best, also if you have any suggestions on more.


  1. Seriously LOL at the cheetos one.

    I also find that any trade troll resistance just increases my sales off the AH. Anyone who calls it a scam just gives me an easy oppurtunity to explain how it is legal and legit and earn mroe customers.

    Barking in trade chat may get annoying to some, but technically isn't that what trade chat is for?

    Another thing that is funny. Players will come to you and buy cards directly and pay more per card than they would have just buying off the auction house.

    Gonna use a few of these in my rotation just to mix it up and keep the barks from looking the same.

  2. I have been barking all morning and making a killing in sales. Last night, I posted a bunch of cards, this morning, only one had sold. I started some barking, and bam, I've gone through over 200 cards! Some of my favorite barks thus far?

    Winner, winner Boomkin dinner! Buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card] on the AH now.

    Forgot to get your guildies something for Christmas? [Mysterious Fortune Card] fills them with Yuletide cheer.

    You don't have to be 18 to buy a [Mysterious Fortune Card].

    OTB closed, get your fix elsewhere [Mysterious Fortune Card] on AH.

    And of course, turned 200g into 10,000g buy investing in [Mysterious Fortune Card], you could too!

  3. Thanks for these tips on how to bark. I sold 120 cards on sunday between 23:00 and 23:45 using some of these barks! :) They sell like crap without barking.

    Another bark for you who might feel bad for feeding an addiction ;)
    "/2 A lottery is just a tax on people who are bad at math. Speaking of lottery, test your math skills by buying [Mysterious Fortune Card] @ ah today!"

    I actually sold 10 cards within 1 min of barking this >.<

  4. "And of course, turned 200g into 10,000g buy investing in [Mysterious Fortune Card], you could too!"

    - Love it. It's so completely misleading and spot on at the same time. I might use this or something like this when I'm feeling especially smug. Thanks

  5. I have spent around an Hour now just chilling listening to music Changing between around ten different barks, I now have over 30k waiting to send to my mailbox! loving the Site Keep it up!